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buy-or-lease-business-websitesAt RegistryMax™ innovative and flexible website packages are just the beginning. Every aspect of our Business Internet Services are strategically designed to ensure your company gets the web presence it needs to succeed online, easier, faster and with better results!
We develop high performing and fully functional Business Websites for a number of growth industries that are available for purchase or for lease. You can buy it now for maximum control or explore our innovative Website Lease Programs, either way, we’ll help you find a plan that’s right for your business.

All of the prebuilt business websites for sale RegistryMax™ at  are available for immediate sale and transfer to their new owners. The included functionality and content is identified for each website along with the DSRP (Developers Suggested Retail Price). In addition to purchasing the website, you can purchase hosting and maintenance packages from us that ensure your business website stays in mint condition and performs at the highest possible standards.

Business Website Lease Features

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In addition to flexible website purchase options, RegistryMax™ offers it’s clients truly innovative website leasing options that take virtually all the hassle out of developing, deploying and maintaing a high performance business website.  Leasing a professionally developed, fully search engine optimized and fully deployed website for your business is an excellent business decision for some growing companies, especially when you consider the following facts. When you lease a, RegistryMax™ website you pay only a fraction of the design and development costs associated with it.. Since you are only paying for the website while you lease it, out of pocket costs are often  30% – 60% less than an up front purchase, keeping precious resources available for other business requirements. Do we have your attention yet? We thought so …

A website lease relationship with RegistryMax™ takes the unknown out of launching a new business website and lets you and your team focus on growth. Much like an automobile lease monthly website maitenance is included and performed automatically, so you know that systems powering your site will be the most update, the most secure and running at optimum performance automatically.  A RegistryMax™ website lease eliminates the risk yet gives  growing firms the flexability they need in start-up and ramp-up modes with website lease terms and website lease end options to buy the website, trade up or walk away. Probably not something you’ll find at your typical web design shop (not yet anyway, but it will be the norm in the very near future).