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hobby websites by registrymax.comThis is not a “How to make money on the side from the hobby you love” business model you still see advertised all over the web. Until recently, Extreme Sports and Extreme Hobby type website were considered a niche market, but Brands like Mountain Dew and many more have aligned themselves with the very profitable extreme hobby enthusiast market and seemly over night, these ‘bungee jumping’, ‘hand gliding’, ‘ultimate fight night’ markets exploded onto the scene as a real source of serious revenue and as a means of aligning Brands with a hip crowd that spends big money doing things they love to do. The Extreme Sport and Hobby Web Properties available at RegistryMax™ offer businesses the opportunity to diversify their message and in turn, open up their products and services to a new marketplace and new revenue streams. The way a business would deploy a ‘passion based’website like this would depend upon it’s objectives. Generally utilizing extreme sport and hobby websites to introduce and align your brand into a new market is common for existing brands, while a start-up my elect to deploy the extreme hobby website property as their primary business site. By aligning your Brand with an extreme sport or hobby you can reach a target demographic that my not be aware of your products and services currently, but have an appetite for them (whether they know it or not). Consider how a local Pizzeria is quick to sponser a community little leauge team as a great analogy.  As a more explicit example, consider an occupational therapy practice that runs a BMX racing web property, a sport with an abundance fractured wrists and forearms, and as a result , an abundance of  potential business. If the occupational therapy practice directors are into BMX racing themselves, all the better as it will be of keen interest to them personally. This is just one creative example of an existing brand that may not have considered such a diverse marketing strategy can grow their brands and business online. and the opportunity to alight your business with these markets is virtually limitless, and highly effective. Whether your start-up business model provides products and services directly related to a hobby market or you’re looking to introduce your Brand into high growth and high energy markets, extreme sports and extreme hobby website properties from RegistryMax™ can help your  business achieve that objective faster and more effectively than any other firm. There’s never been a better time for brands to branch, show a little diversity and energy and in turn connect with new customers and new opportunities for growth and our Extreme Hobby website properties can help! [my-domain-list-pro size=’large’ show=”owner, extension, price” category=”Hobby Domains” ]